Following, some of the activities carried out by Technosind s.r.l.:

Customer: Eco Recycling s.r.l.

  • Technical scientific collaboration within the "Nanohydro" project with the following tasks: assistance in design, interpretation of tests and drafting of the user manual for the experimental apparatus. (2014)
  • Research of the main technologies for the realization of the unit operations of the lithium-based battery recycling project and the 3D design of the main components of the prototype within the "LiBat" project (2017-2018)
  • Fluidodynamic analysis of the reactor as part of the "Photolife" and "Hyrpam" projects (2014-2015 / 2016-2017)

Customer: Eco One s.r.l.

  • Development of algal growth models (micro algae) and scientific technical collaboration activities in the context of the 2013 micro algae application projects for bio-oil production. (2014)

Customer: Nova System s.r.l.

  • Technical scientific collaboration within the "Nanohydro" project; (2012-2014)
  • design of the experimental unit control system for the electrochemical deposition of nanoparticles, assistance in system assembly and start-up; (2014)
  • Interpretation of experimental data (on model provided by NSR) and adaptation of the system design based on experimental results; (2014)
  • Final project and start-up. (2014)

Customer: Eco Power s.r.l.

  • Analysis and criticality of the syngas washing system with high pressure water mist; (2015)
  • Design assistance and industrial experimentation of a prototype water / syngas exchanger for large flow rates; (2015)
  • Collection and analysis of data for determining the exchange coefficients. (2015)

Customer: IRISAT s.r.l.

  • Technical-scientific collaboration, as part of the WIMP-XX project: realization of numerical simulations on thermal degradation of biomass, modeling of both TAR dynamics from cracking formation and secondary filtration, measurement of SYNGAS produced calorific value; (2015)
  • Verification of treatment and recovery processes. (2014)

Customer: INDECO s.r.l.

  •  Process and executive design of a plant for the treatment of 1500 tons / y of photovoltaic panels at the end of their life; (2016)
  •  Design of a plant for the treatment of 2000-5000 tons / y of PCBs. (2016)

Customer: Renova s.r.l.

  •  Design Pilot plant necessary for the optimization of the processes for the production of Syngas according to the type of power supply used and adaptation of the existing system; (2015)
  • Analysis of the characteristics of the pyrogasification process for the production of electrical energy and related design of the pilot plant for the conduct of a feasibility study aimed at the subsequent industrialization of production. Assistance for the definition of the plant and process layout; (2016)
  • Technical-scientific collaboration in the analysis of the control of the gasification process variables: temperature, pressure and flow. Realization of the training material. (2016)

Customer: G.e.A s.r.l.

  •  Collaboration in research concerning the synthesis of Sabatier (CO2 methanation with H2); (2016)
  • Collaboration in research involving the accumulation of energy through the use of cascade heat pumps and heat storage in molten salts. (2016)

Customer: Attitude S.a.S

  • Due diligence related to photovoltaic systems (setting up the account).

Customer: Consorzio Biosud Ricerche Taranto

  • Assistance in the coordination of research and development of a project for the industrial production of 2-naphthalenesulfonic acid b-naphthol. (1996-1999)

Customer: Carbochimica S.p.A. Livorno

  •  Assistance in the coordination of research and development of a project for the treatment of naphthalene sulfur derivative; (1998)
  • Assistance and coordination of industrial research in the biodesulfuration project. (2000)

Customer: Progemisa S.p.A. Cagliari

  •  Production of sugar from beet, analysis of treatment and recovery of waste; (1997)
  • Design of a new pilot plant for the leaching of quartz sand. (1998)

Customer: Ingegneria Ambientale s.r.l.

  • Process analysis of the platform for the treatment of industrial waste in Gela (Sicily); (1991)
  • Process analysis of the platform for the treatment of industrial waste from Vigazzuolo (VC). (1991)

Customer: C.S.M. S.p.A. Roma

  • Development of the process for hydrometallurgical production of pure FeO from minerals containing P and S, planning of experiments interpretation of results, flow-sheeting process, optimization of the process and technical-economic evaluation. (1991-1992)

Customer: Mining S.p.A. Roma

  • Process and plant for crystallization of rock salt; (1992)
  • Development of the process for the biohydrometallurgical extraction of refractory gold, experiment planning, interpretation of results, process flow sheet, process optimization and technical-economic evaluation. (1999)

Customer: S.I.V. S.p.A. - Società Italiana Vetro San Salvo CH

  • Planning of industrial experimentation; (1990-1992)
  • Statistical evaluation of industrial data. (1994)

Customer: ITM-CNR Roma

  •  Design of a pilot plant for the leaching of quartz sand; (1997)
  • Design and analysis of iron removal experiments from quartz and feldspar sand (grinding, magnetic separation, gravimetric separation, flotation, leaching, mixing, extraction). (1997)

Customer: PROCTER&GAMBLE Italia S.p.A. Roma

  • Development of chemical engineering software. (2000)

Customer: Seico s.r.l.

  • Assistance, P&I and design of a plant for the industrial treatment of quartz sand; (1998)
  • Process study for the production of gold and manganesiferous products from marginal and residual minerals. (1999)

Customer: I.L.R. S.p.A. Sinalunga

  • Assistance in the co-ordination of research and development of PRECLAYR BRITE-EURAM-project (1993-1995)