About us


Technosind s.r.l. is a company founded in 1990 in order to coordinate research and development activities, mainly in the field of treatments and recovery of raw and innovative materials and in the field of storage systems of renewable electric energy.

Its current core business is focused on issues relating to the storage, conversion and innovative use of CO2.

To date, various studies have been carried out relating to the conversion of CO2 through the Sabatier reaction for the production of methane or other chemicals (methanol) and research relating to the electroreduction of CO2, carried out through the use of renewable energy, for the production of syngas.

The company has considerable know-how relating to the use of non-traditional solvents for the recovery of valuable materials from minerals/residues and for the decontamination of the mining matrix (Eureka-Liliex project). Furthermore, the company is currently active in the research and development of technologies aimed at the extraction of heavy metals using supercritical CO2, as a green solvent.

It is registered in the National Register of Researches with the code 001385_IMPR. Almost all of the company's turnover comes from research and development activities commissioned by private companies and public authority.